Abandoned words…An item every day… Season 1

An item every day from each Episode of Season 1 – Episode 11 Listen to the Episode here Chucks! Apples: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/episode-11-rolling-around-in-that-rigor-mortis-season-1/id1398308315?i=1000416348044&mt=2 Available on All podcast platforms – Just Search for – Through the Strange https://www.businessinsider.com/olde-english-words-we-need-to-start-using-again-2016-4?r=US&IR=T#elflock-hair-that-has-been-tangled-as-if-by-elves-3

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Handmaids tale

After watching the Handmaids Tale it has provoked a lot of thought – what would I do if faced with the same predicament? It’s easy for me to feel disgusted and shocked as to how society reacts when faced with such a drastic crisis but what would I do about the situation? Please don’t hear […]

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Vaselate… it’s what I do

Please tell me you know your mind all of the time? I’m wanting to meet and talk to one of those special people who seem as elusive as Sasquatch himself. You know the people who just seem to know what they want and what to do even if it turns out wrong it doesn’t seem […]

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Everyone’s an entrepreneur… right?

Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars of society. They seek out opportunities and thrust themselves online in front of the masses to make a million quid through drop shipping know how, instagram profiles glowing with squeaky clean lifestyles and enough passive income to make the royal family look like dole queue regulars. You’re either thrust […]

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Podcast: “Is it Gary Vinderblert or Sanderbelt?” – Special Guest Episode 16 – Season 1

Available everywhere you normally get your Podcasts – Just search: Through the Strange. Click here to listen now SPECIAL GUEST EPISODE with Tom Prothero – In the absence of Rob, Tom is collared in to a chat recorded just for the podcast. This week:  — Tom opens up about those know it all YouTubers  — […]

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