Handmaids tale

After watching the Handmaids Tale it has provoked a lot of thought – what would I do if faced with the same predicament? It’s easy for me to feel disgusted and shocked as to how society reacts when faced with such a drastic crisis but what would I do about the situation? Please don’t hear […]

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Vaselate… it’s what I do

Please tell me you know your mind all of the time? I’m wanting to meet and talk to one of those special people who seem as elusive as Sasquatch himself. You know the people who just seem to know what they want and what to do even if it turns out wrong it doesn’t seem […]

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Two guys at a bar…

Many moons ago I knew two guys who worked at the same bar One was a privileged rich boy who’s daddy owned the business and the other a modest every day guy with an average working family. They were both at that age when freedom through owning and driving your own car was all that […]

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So everyone always says the key to anything is consistency. In training In nutrition In education In relationships In communication Well… everything. The only thing is for me that life in itself is inconsistent which causes me to be inconsistent. So, the only consistency in my life is inconsistency Does that count??

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You’ve got to be childish

Around once a year I seem to get a hankering for sitting down with a video game and simply smashing it for a few hours. It’s good to play It’s good to get lost It’s good to tune out of the noise Even thou we are ‘grown ups’, no one ever said we have to […]

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Podcast: “Those who can teach and those who can’t teach, BLOG” – Episode 19 – Season 1

Available everywhere you normally get your Podcasts – Just search: Through the Strange. Click here to listen now Episode 19 – Back with the silver foxes of old… Remember the Season 1 finale is released in a week with special guest Ash Frith! This week:  — Rob shares a tragic story of overeating – you […]

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