Everyone is the good guy

I was recently watching Transformers with my sons. We had met the good guys and had a bit of their story served to us then typically the story moves on… New characters are introduced and my eldest son turns to me to ask: “Dad, who are those guys?” I answer: “ah, those are the bad […]

Get your first victory of the day

There is an ancient tradition where first thing of each day you wake and get in to the sacred pools that surround the temples. The water is cold and as a result blood rushes deep within you and starts to flush out toxins, kick starts your digestive, lymphatic and nervous system. This drastically improves circulation […]

Podcast: “Nuns are drug lords…” Ep10 – Season 1

Available everywhere you normally get your Podcasts – Just search: Through the Strange. Click here to listen now Just two grey haired men chewing over some of the strangeness they encounter as they traverse this thing called life. If you need to hear lots of laughter and perspective through the eyes of two English musicians […]