Season 1 – An item every day from every episode

An item every day from each Episode of Season 1 – Episode 1 Listen to the Episode here Chucks! Apples:—Justin—whats-your-net-worth-e1ko98/Through-the-Strange—_Justin—-whats-your-net-worth—_—Episode-1—Season-1-a3vcft Available on All podcast platforms – Just Search for   Through the Strange

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Clean out the shit or live in it

In manufacturing terms tolerance is crucially important. Scores of clipboard wielding bods are employed and billions are spent on tools and machinery to ensure tolerances are met. They can make the difference between something working as intended, something lasting it’s expected life time or potentially resulting in catastrophic consequences such as life and death. If […]

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Anti ageing lunacy is here

So my day starts early… real early… outside in the dark putting out the bins before a long commute in to London – but there in my inbox, a glowing ember of something so stupid it brightens up even this dreary morning. Here it is… An anti ageing facial serum derived from babies circumcised penis’. […]

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