Anti ageing lunacy is here

So my day starts early… real early… outside in the dark putting out the bins before a long commute in to London – but there in my inbox, a glowing ember of something so stupid it brightens up even this dreary morning. Here it is… An anti ageing facial serum derived from babies circumcised penis’. […]

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Vaselate… it’s what I do

Please tell me you know your mind all of the time? I’m wanting to meet and talk to one of those special people who seem as elusive as Sasquatch himself. You know the people who just seem to know what they want and what to do even if it turns out wrong it doesn’t seem […]

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Everyone’s an entrepreneur… right?

Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars of society. They seek out opportunities and thrust themselves online in front of the masses to make a million quid through drop shipping know how, instagram profiles glowing with squeaky clean lifestyles and enough passive income to make the royal family look like dole queue regulars. You’re either thrust […]

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What the hell is AI anyways?

Recently in Saudi Arabia a robot was granted full citizenship – this is a robot that is essentially a domestic servant however with the citizenship it even carries a vote in society! Why should I care? In a recent episode of my podcast which you can check here, me and my fellow silver fox Rob […]

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You arrogant twat…

Arrogance – it’s all around us. We see it in others everyday and sometimes we’re humble and self effacing enough to admit it’s in us to. For as long as I can remember the negative connotation to this word has been immediate and has only been used to describe someone who to me is uncomfortably […]

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Paralysis by analysis

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a person who loves to do stuff, create stuff, new and old and whatever in between. However standing opposite me is myself always in the way of anything getting out of the gates. Despite its self preserving intentions, self criticism is a bitch. It never seems […]

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