Clean out the shit or live in it

In manufacturing terms tolerance is crucially important.

Scores of clipboard wielding bods are employed and billions are spent on tools and machinery to ensure tolerances are met. They can make the difference between something working as intended, something lasting it’s expected life time or potentially resulting in catastrophic consequences such as life and death.

If tolerances aren’t met at a manufacturing level then the product will never see the light of day.

You see, there are standards to ensure everything works as it should – and that’s important!

A couple of close friends are currently processing some shit and in listening to them it’s helped me realise that their tolerance or lack thereof is the key.

The route out of their unhappiness and frustration is simple although it may require them to grow a pair! Not to bulldoze their way through but to steer themselves and others through safely whilst remaining in control and acting with integrity and self respect.

So if you haven’t measured and set your tolerances in a while then here’s what I suggest…

    Decide and commit to your priorities
    With priorities now in clear view, decide what you’re willing to tolerate
    Stick to your tolerances without compromise
    Rinse… Repeat…

  • *** Don’t be blindsided by emotions or possible nuclear fallout when it comes time to stand your ground ***

As soon as said relationship or situation crosses the tolerance, then in respect of yourself, your priorities and those in question, you need to take action.

Without action you must see that you’re are part of the problem and I recommend that you see it that way and stop whining. Although they can be tough to see through, we all have choices – but they must be taken.

You never know, I might even read this myself and take the advice in my own life.

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