Vaselate… it’s what I do

Please tell me you know your mind all of the time?

I’m wanting to meet and talk to one of those special people who seem as elusive as Sasquatch himself.

You know the people who just seem to know what they want and what to do even if it turns out wrong it doesn’t seem to matter because they knew what they wanted and they did it anyway.

I feel like I am the king of vaselation. (Not sure if that’s a thing – but it is now!)

Take Christmas music. One minute I hate it and wish to God that someone would write something new and create some new classics. The next minute I’m waxing lyrical about how the songs are sentimental and leave me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Then there’s politics, one minute I believe it’s conspiracy central and no one has a say unless you have the largest influence in that arena – e.g you have the most coin. Then swinging back over the other way I then believe that it’s the little people who make the difference and every vote counts!!!

Are you like this?

Is this ‘Normal’?

Does it matter?

I’m not sure hence this post – your input to confirm my insanity or rule it out would be appreciated.

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