Two guys at a bar…

Many moons ago I knew two guys who worked at the same bar

One was a privileged rich boy who’s daddy owned the business and the other a modest every day guy with an average working family.

They were both at that age when freedom through owning and driving your own car was all that mattered and they both owned almost identical cars regularly challenging each other to a race along the coast.

One guy always had to convince the other guy that his car

  • Had a bigger engine
  • More power
  • Was always going to be faster

And even went to the extremity of taking someone else’s vehicle registration document which was the same car but actually with a substantially bigger engine and submitting it to his rival to convince him that he was king ding-aling!

What the hell is this all about and why do we care so much what other people think…

I guess this has plagued humanity for years… forcing us to behave to ways that are quite frankly ridiculous. And for what?

Seriously why do we do it?

Comments welcome…

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