Podcast Season 1 Finale!! – “A flask full of trifle” – Episode 20 – Season 1


Listen to it!!!
It was our pleasure to host all round funny chap Ash Frith for our Season 1 Finale!

We went places never before heard on Through the Strange and I dont think we will EVER be the same…

Thanks to everyone who has listened and supported the show in its first season – We are forever grateful to you all and will be back with Season 2 very soon!!

Check out Ash on a couch here
Ash on a couch

Pranks & Firth Podcast

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On this weeks show

— Equality is alive and well – Kinda

— Why is that flask full of trifle

— Do you know what Berk means

— There is further solidarity for the joke that is giving our World Records

Original music is taken from the track Party Line by London based band Apostle Thomas.

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