It’s time to pull your pants down

The UK sizzling summer is behind us and we lean forward in to winter – i’m hoping that it is cold and has plenty of snow cos its just how I like it – seasons should change and there should be contrast.

Anywho, after a fun filled summer of trips and excursions it got me thinking…

Why do we need holidays?

When did holidays begin?

Why do we need to be shown how to holiday?

Why do we all need this universal holiday clock telling us when to bend over and over pay to be strapped in to ‘holiday mode’ for a week or two?

Ok so I get it, people work hard and or have stressful lives etc and its a good idea to take the load off and rest our minds and bodies so we can get thrown back in and do it all again – surely thou at some point on our trajectory as humans none of these ‘normal things’ were even thought of.

You know,

back in the day before package holidays were a thing,

before camping and caravan parks were ways of farmers diversifying there land


before where you ‘holiday’d’ held some weight in our status driven social universe. 

In the middle ages the only time people travelled was to work or go to war but it’s said that in the 1870s some skilled workers began to have a Saturday afternoon off and thus the weekend was born!

Not long after this as transport was more commonplace and more affordable it was inevitable that more people would travel away from home. In 1906 the very first holiday camp was opened in the UK by a chap pitching some tents on his land and offering them up to his white collar chums to come and stay – and thus the holiday park was born!

All of this to say that holidays weren’t always a ‘thing’ and that may be we should feel when it’s right to take a holiday depending on what’s happening in our lives as opposed to being ushered in periodically throughout the year?

This and more is discussed on my podcast called Through the Strange.

Check it out HERE

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