Everyone’s an entrepreneur… right?

Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars of society.

They seek out opportunities and thrust themselves online in front of the masses to make a million quid through drop shipping know how, instagram profiles glowing with squeaky clean lifestyles and enough passive income to make the royal family look like dole queue regulars.

You’re either thrust from the womb with this mind set already enabled or over years of YouTube algorithm brain washing find out that you were supposed to do this years ago and now you’re behind everyone else in the race.

So everyone’s able, the tools are free and all you need is some get up and go and the willingness to slot your square peg in this ever round hole.

But what I’m asking is should we all be chasing this goal as five minutes on social media will have us believe or are we under valuing the very thing that has under pinned our society for so many decades?

The thing that has been part of our historical tapestry for eons. Ordinary people putting in an honest days graft for enough pay to put a roof over their heads and grub in their bellies and still possess enough energy, time and goodwill to enjoy the simple pleasures like building relationships with family and friends, the great outdoors and just being yourself.

For example, here in good ole blighty we are faced with a colossal shortage of skilled labour and making another bedroom millionaire wannabe will not help plug the gap – it’s great if people will have plenty of money, but who is gonna build their mansion?

What I’m really trying to pin to the wall here is that it’s an ever growing pressure to be the biggest in the pond in a pond that is getting bigger by the minute. You will always need to be bigger than you are and as a result you will never be fulfilled and always hounded by insatiable financial hunger.

Be the normal fish in whatever pond you’re in. Work as hard as you can but let’s redress the balance in play and be happily grateful for who we are.