Batshit crazy

Swinging in to another hardware shop to find the ever elusive and humble clothes peg – there she is… bright rouge cheeks, cute half scrunched flower on the lapel and personality overspilling every edge.

She relayed an adorable tale of how she recently had bed bugs, a lot of bed bugs and this lovely chap in the hardware shop had sold her a total of 25 large cans of bug spray to rid them from her slumber. She had sent him a large thank you card which she insisted take centre stage on his counter.

I’m sure if you met her you may cast an opinion as crazy lady, or maybe lovely lady, or perhaps just piss your pants at the encounter – either way for me She is a one off, maybe a little nuts but certainly free as a bird to be who she pleases and it struck me that it was more enjoyable and entertaining having this brief encounter than any amount of YouTube or Netflix has brought me in a long time.

Without wishing to sound like a wannabe Lady Gaga activist, I say let’s embrace the weird and wonderful because they might just be a little more interesting then all the rest of us sheeple out there.

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