Whatever you look for, you will find

I grew up like any other English kid through the 80s and 90s.

Innocuous Saturday night tv, awful at best internet dial up, kicking a ball round the street to pass the never ending summer break and an average British schooling. No complaints thou…

There was a smattering of faith sung through countless lacklustre assemblies and a family who ‘religiously’ and habitually referred to ‘The Lords day’ and to get on your ‘Sunday best’ but without any other Christian practice to be witnessed.

Fast forward to my early twenties and I have an epiphany – Someone spoke to me, in fact He spoke to me – you know, Jesus. I was as surprised as anyone else and yet I responded and said a prayer that day and for the next few years my life was changed. A new perspective, a fresh faithful family to share communion with and raise our voices in contemporary worship to the God who has saved me from myself.

That day I was searching, looking for a people, a network to plug in to and a power source other than my own to charge me up and send me out – and guess what, I found one.

Fast forward a few more years and my connection has long been disconnected and I’m running on a new steam, some other curiosity and this time despite the disappointment of others this source is certainly better for my atmosphere, certainly better for my mental well being and certainly a renewable source that I can see will take me further and for longer.

My conclusion so far is that there are many, many things, beliefs, systems, colours, sources and opinions with which to align yourself with on this mortal coil. You can change your course and you can vaselate between any or all of these and actually it’s ok, in fact it’s not ok it’s bloody brilliant! Don’t be put in to a box, avoid the labels and dogma and just explore.

So there you have my two pennies…

Whatever you look for you will find.

Simple as that

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