What the hell is AI anyways?

Recently in Saudi Arabia a robot was granted full citizenship – this is a robot that is essentially a domestic servant however with the citizenship it even carries a vote in society!

Why should I care?

In a recent episode of my podcast which you can check here, me and my fellow silver fox Rob spoke about AI, that’s artificial intelligence to those who have lived under a rock for the last decade.

What the hell is AI anyways…?

AI is a machines ability to intelligently make decisions and learn on its own using data and external input. I have no doubt you will have been connected and have been fed a result by AI at some point in your life as it’s all around us.

  • Websites
  • Google Maps
  • Ride share apps like Uber
  • Commercial flights – autopilot
  • Email
  • Online credit decisions

The list goes on and on but the point is that like it or not AI is already at the core of modern life.

But it’s all good, right?

So surely this is all good Chris… what’s your problem. AI helps me to book an Uber quickly, it’s helped to filter out the spam in my inboxes for years and to predict traffic on my Google maps app. But there is another side to this that I’m particularly cautious of and that is that a computers ability to learn and make decisions more efficiently and calculate/learn faster than the human brain.

So hold on… you’re saying that the movies we’ve watched for years where machines take over the world could be a reality? Yes, possibly – maybe.

Take for example a technology that is well into the real world testing stages and will be a reality for us all – automated transport. Cars, buses, trucks and tractors etc that drive themselves. That is a trick invention that has many positive outcomes however what happens when the machine has to decide in a split second which life to save in the event of an accident?

If AI robots can be programmed to make decisions and behave like members of society then surely eventually they will mimic everything that we are and the line will become blurred.

I guess the bigger question here is:

What separates us from AI? Answer – Probably consciousness

Where is the line between AI and consciousness and how close could they get? Answer – I’m not sure

If they continue to advance faster than we can then surely eventually they will be able to replicate what were are entirely, reproduce, repair and re-align themselves in a way that would outlive humans.

Hopefully i’ll read this post back in a few decades and laugh uncontrollably because it hasn’t happened and never will.

alone anime art artistic
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Should we care about AI or just lie back and take it???

2 thoughts on “What the hell is AI anyways?

  1. Yeah, you raise some good points. I wonder what our world would be like if these powers were to someday be overthrown. Maybe I should have titled it 1984. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. We should care. A lot. The people who are playing with us never have our best interest at heart, so we should start there. what’s in it for them and then after we get through the money issue we can deal with the mass control and 1984 stuff. Yeah. Care a lot.

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