Podcast: “Throw your shoes at me” Episode 13 – Season 1

Available everywhere you normally get your Podcasts –

Just search: Through the Strange.

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Just two grey haired men chewing over some of the strangeness they encounter as they traverse this thing called life.

If you need to hear lots of laughter and perspective through the eyes of two English musicians who have fathered many, then subscribe, listen and send us your opinions and thoughts here

This weeks episode looks at issues such as: 

 — Rob impersonates Norman Price

 —  Chris reaches out for shell suit flammability research

 — Rob discovers his inner Beyoncé

— Chris discovers Dolly Parsnips

Original music is taken from the track Party Line by London based band Apostle Thomas.
See them here www.facebook.com/apostlethomasmusic/
Listen to them here open.spotify.com/artist/3qiI0LOfvGTNzkaqFlqwjO

Upcoming show
12th September – The Half Moon – Putney – London

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