The power to shuffle

Our lives crave comfort, familiarity and security not only in our surroundings and social circles but also in the food we eat and the music we listen to.

This is all fine and well on autopilot but there’s more if we step out off the beaten track.

Back in 2005 Apple launched the Shuffle. A genius compact device which was the doorway to 1,000s of tracks in your pocket, a new guise of the revolutionary iPod but the unique angle was that your collection was always on random.

Always on random?

Why would you want to lose control and leave it up to random to get you through your workout or the 5th sardine like commute this week?

Shuffle surprises you, shuffle reminds you of things you’d forgotten and shuffle helps you discover new on the way.

I say let’s shuffle our way through today not only in listening to new music but in doing something new.

  • Take a different route to work
  • Try an odd hobby
  • Call an old friend
  • Order something different for lunch
  • Try on bizarre clothing
  • Say hi to someone new
  • Buy a new book at random
  • Donate some of your time to something
  • Dive in to the ocean
  • Go vegetarian for a week

They don’t have to be big things – just do something new and see what shuffle brings.

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