Paralysis by analysis

gray scale photo of male with beard

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a person who loves to do stuff, create stuff, new and old and whatever in between. However standing opposite me is myself always in the way of anything getting out of the gates.

Despite its self preserving intentions, self criticism is a bitch. It never seems to go away and inevitably wins every stand off.

I analyse everything I do so much and measure it all against everyone and everything else I’ve seen meaning that in the end I drop it all and do nothing.

Paralysis by analysis.

So now I’ve realised this of myself what should I do about it?

I think to be honest that’s partly what starting a podcast and this very blog has been about. Having outlets where I can create something that doesn’t have to be perfect and can fly in the face of perfection because I think I get it – perfection is never coming, its unachievable.

The bigger question is do we even want perfection?

A life where music is clinically note perfect, a face without a single line or freckle and a life without a single opportunity to learn and grow.

Imperfection is where it’s at…

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