Everyone is the good guy

I was recently watching Transformers with my sons.

We had met the good guys and had a bit of their story served to us then typically the story moves on…

New characters are introduced and my eldest son turns to me to ask: “Dad, who are those guys?”

I answer: “ah, those are the bad guys!”

We carry on and a few moments later he comes out with:

“But Dad… we think the good guys are good because they believe in the same thing as us but surely the ones we call ‘the bad guys’ think that they are the good guys and we are the bad guys… They would never be the bad guys on purpose, everyone believes they are doing the right thing otherwise why would they do it?”

He had me…

On the surface I disagreed…

And yet I totally agreed with him…

Why had I never seen it like this before…?

Had year upon year of culture, media, education and influence bleached out the colour and only left the black and white?

We are the good guys and everyone else who has a different belief, faith, cause, system or otherwise is our enemy??!

This has challenged my thinking hugely about all kinds of everyday encounters and I hope this slightly less rigid stance on who is right and who must be wrong will continue with me through my days.

In the words of a nine year old… “everyone believes they are doing the right thing”

So maybe next time there’s is a point of friction between yourself and another – we should take a moment to pause and remember that there is another angle.

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