How to get a world record – Blog #2

fire wallpaper
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Lets talk about an issue raised in podcast episode 10.

What is a world record?

And shall we qualify this category of human achievement differently to keep out the wackos and wannabes?

So an Austrian by the name of Josef Todtling sets himself on fire (in a fire retardant suit) and gets pulled 500 metres across a field by a horse.

This makes him a world record holder?

Nah, someone who can tight rope across the Grand Canyon is a world record holder

Someone who has developed and tested a car for many years and has broken the land speed is a record holder

Or someone who can run 100m quicker than anyone else is a record holder.

They’ve shown guts, determination, sacrifice and then have shown up with the skill to execute an incredible feat of mental and physical achievement to come out on top.

Have we diluted the idea of the boundary pusher, the trail blazer, the person on the edge of what’s possible – aka the record holder?

Should anyone be able to do whatever they like to get a record?

Right, I’m off to go and scribe another 1,500 blogs on the dilution of the record holder so I can also be a record holder.

See the unusual feat here:

Man on fire pulled by horse