Give em some slack, n reel em in…

  • My last ever YouTube video
  • I can’t believe this happened
  • We’re moving again
  • Everything was stolen

These are some of the titles I have encountered over the past week on YouTube alone.

Can I help but click on this stuff… I have always had an oddity that is I can’t stand to think i’ve missed out on something.

An event,

a gig,

an opportunity,

seeing someone,

a meal!

With this in mind click bait is so strongly magnetised to this part of me that I feel weak when perusing the web. I think i’m strong and won’t be swayed by peoples blatant abuse and manipulation of words and images to persuade another click on their content but when its comes down to it i’ve clicked on it and i’m half way through the video.

Ok all i’m asking is, is this just another form of advertising that everyone else is doing and is already accepted by all or is it an abuse of our inherent curiosity and greed?

You be the judge… or the victim