Podcast: “Saved my life with 25 cans of bug spray” – Episode 17 – Season 1

Available everywhere you normally get your Podcasts – Just search: Through the Strange. Click here to listen now Episode 17 – Back with the silver foxes of old… This week:  — Chris gets counter culture on laundry   —  Rob waxes lyrical about ironmongery  – (again)  — Alexa interrupts (again) — Rob is reprimanded by an OAP on […]

Batshit crazy

Swinging in to another hardware shop to find the ever elusive and humble clothes peg – there she is… bright rouge cheeks, cute half scrunched flower on the lapel and personality overspilling every edge. She relayed an adorable tale of how she recently had bed bugs, a lot of bed bugs and this lovely chap […]

Whatever you look for, you will find

I grew up like any other English kid through the 80s and 90s. Innocuous Saturday night tv, awful at best internet dial up, kicking a ball round the street to pass the never ending summer break and an average British schooling. No complaints thou… There was a smattering of faith sung through countless lacklustre assemblies […]

What the hell is AI anyways?

Recently in Saudi Arabia a robot was granted full citizenship – this is a robot that is essentially a domestic servant however with the citizenship it even carries a vote in society! Why should I care? In a recent episode of my podcast which you can check here, me and my fellow silver fox Rob […]